Frequently Asked Questions

Q? Where is my driver?


Our office will give you always an emergency number to cotnact if you do not find your driver. If you do not see our driver at the meeting point indicated it may happen that he has a little delay. Wait a few minutes and you will meet him.

Q? How to book a service?


You can book directly by using our online reservation form or by calling the numbers you find on our portal. You will receive an automatic email. Wait for our offices to respond to your booking, please send a confirmation email and meet you driver the day of your arrival or departure.

Q? Is there a limit for my luggage?


Both for the Shuttle service for the Private service there is not limit for luggage. However is important that you inform us about the exact number of luggage or if you are traveling with pushcairs, prams, chairs, etc.

Q? Where are the meeting points?


All meeting point are given precisely on our website in the section: MEETING POINT. NB As for the shuttle from Rome to Fiumicino remember that the meeting point is always to the TERMINAL 3


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